Labette Avenue

Labette Avenue is popular product serving readers in the southern portion of Labette County, but it has roots dating back to post-Civil War days. Previously, the Chetopa Advance, Altamont Journal, Mound Valley Times-Journal, Edna Sun and Oswego Independent served this market, each one founded well over a century ago.In October 2007, the owners and staff of these newspapers combined them into one newspaper and gave it a name that was common to them all — “Labette Avenue.” The reaction from readers and advertisers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re proud to introduce our staff to you:

Labette Avenue editor Rena Russell has always lived in Oswego, graduated from high school there and has worked in the newspaper office for more than three decades. Rena was named editor in 2002 and knows everybody, or so it seems.She’s an avid newspaper reader, which the Taylors say is a top qualification for being an editor. She is intensely proud of her hometown and countywide community. She and her husband, Jim, are active members of the Assembly of God in Oswego and they have two grown children, Jeanette and Jordan.

Emalee Mikel is also part of the Labette Avenue staff, although she has other responsibilities with the Taylor Newspaper Family. Emalee is sales manager for the Montgomery County Chronicle and Labette Avenue and works from her home office in Parsons. She and her husband, Mark, are parents of a daughter, Marlee.

Heather Brown is Labette Avenue’s front-office face and voice and she’s always cheery and helpful. Heather is a native of Oswego and writes a regular book review for the newspaper, “Heather’s Bookmark,” as well as doing lots of staff reporting and writing feature stories. One of her favorite contributions is keeping our Labette Avenue Facebook page current every day of the week. Heather is married to Charlie and she has a son, Grant, who attends LCHS.

Rudy and Kathy Taylor, co-publishers, reside at Caney where they oversee all three Taylor newspapers. Rudy is directly involved on a daily basis with Labette Avenue, thanks to the technology of the Internet. He and editor Rena Russell coordinate the production of the newspaper, communicating entirely by telephone, fax, email and an Internet-based file transfer program. Rudy does the same with the Prairie Star at Sedan and he contributes editorials, columns and feature stories to the Montgomery County Chronicle — all from his office in Caney.

Kathy manages the headquarters office in Caney, serves as payroll manager for all Taylor newspapers and writes a popular column, “Life’s Little Lifesavers.”

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