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By adding this item to your cart, you will be almost ready to buy an annual paper subscription to the Montgomery County Chronicle newspaper. If you select this print edition, you will receive a fine newspaper, sent or delivered on the day after publication. When you select this print edition, you will also have to select below the area in which you live. The annual subscription rate depends on whether you live in a county in the local trade area (see next page), in another Kansas County, or in some other U.S. state. Please see the definitions that follow: LOCAL TRADE AREA: $52.00 (Residents in Chautauqua, Elk, Montgomery, Labette, Wilson, Neosho, Cowley, Butler, Greenwood and Cherokee counties in Kansas and Osage, Washington, Nowata, and Craig counties in Oklahoma) ALL OTHER KANSAS COUNTIES AND OTHER STATES: $55.00
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