The seed for desegregation was planted in Montgomery County

(Reprinted from the Montgomery County Chronicle • Jan. 19, 2012)


When the U.S. Supreme Court declared racial segregation as unconstitutional in the case Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education, the institutional barriers of racial separation began to be dismantled.

That case has its roots in Kansas, giving the state the distinction of setting the course toward racial integration.

However, prior to the Brown decision in 1954, as many as one dozen other legal attempts were made to end racial segregation in public schools. No other pre-Brown case drew as much national attention as a legal case from Coffeyville.

For hidden in the shadows of the Brown decision — exactly 30 years before the Brown case was rendered — was Thurman-Watts vs. Board of Education of Coffeyville.

* * * *

The story of the Thurman-Watts case should be understood by knowing the location of Coffeyville schools in 1924 as well as the laws of segregation that ruled the day.

Racial segregation had been the prevailing culture of the country dating back to its earliest colonial years. However, racial segregation did not gain legal validity until 1896, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Plessy vs. Ferguson that public institutions could segregate races through “separate but equal” facilities.

In Kansas, racial segregation in schools was allowed based on population of a community. State law mandated racial segregation in elementary schools located in first-class cities (towns of 15,000 population or more). Racial integration was required in the junior high, middle high school and high school levels.

In second-class cities (towns of less than 15,000 population), racial segregation in public schools based on the Plessy decision was not allowed.

In 1923, the lines of color separation were clearly spelled out in the Coffeyville school system. Cleveland School, located at Third and Linden streets, was an imposing two-story structure with eight main classrooms — serving African-American elementary students in the central and eastern portions of Coffeyville. Douglas School, located in the western portion of Coffeyville, also served African-American students in the first through eighth grades in its three rooms.

A host of “ward schools,” or neighborhood schools, served the white students of the Coffeyville community. Among those schools were Lincoln, McKinley, Lowell, Longfellow, Whittier, Garfield, Ingalls, Logan and Spaudling schools. Washington High School served both races and was located on the grounds of what is now Coffeyville Community College.

Chief concern among Coffeyville school officials beginning in 1920 was the overcrowded conditions of all schools and the need for a permanent junior high-style school that could offer early high school training programs, such as domestic science (for girls) and manual training (for boys). That’s why those officials successfully campaigned for construction of a junior high school — called Roosevelt School. Having a prepertory school for high school not only would lessen the burden on existing schools but also afford more training opportunities to early teenagers of all races, school officials said in their campaign materials.

Coffeyville school board members at that time tried to secure the African-American vote for a bond issue’s passage by promising racial integration in the new junior high school. The school board members visited one predominantly-black church, Calvary Baptist Church, on a Sunday morning prior to a bond issue election to seek support for the bonds that would be needed to construct Roosevelt School, which would serve students in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades.

The bond issued was approved, and construction on the new “junior high” school began in April 1922.

The new Roosevelt School held its first student enrollment on Sept. 18, 1923, which is the day Victoria Thurman-Watts, who had just completed the eighth grade at Cleveland School the previous May, discovered that the new junior high school would not accept African-American students.

Thurman-Watts and other black children wanting to enroll in the new junior high school were informed — through a directive issued by Superintendent A.I. Decker — that the African-American freshman would return to Cleveland School for their ninth grade year, even though Cleveland School was not designed to hold a ninth grade curriculum.

Cecilia Thurman-Watts protested her daughter’s denial of enrollment and took the issue to Decker, the superintendent. Thurman-Watts would later testify in court that Decker claimed he had the legal authority, set out by state law, to segregate the children. Thurman-Watts testified that she was led to believe Roosevelt Middle School was to be an integrated school and that she also learned that all landowners of Coffeyville — black and white — were paying for the new school through a higher levy.

Thurman-Watts immediately cried foul and filed suit in the Kansas Supreme Court seeking the admission of her daughter to Roosevelt.

A total of 20 Cleveland School eighth grade students were promoted to the ninth grade for the 1923-24 school year. Only one freshman student, Lucille Walker, enrolled at Cleveland School because she had transferred to the community from Mississippi some two weeks after the 1923-24 school year began. Walker would later testify that, as a freshman, she was forced to sit in the eighth grade room and was not allowed to participate in music or domestic science courses because they were designed for the eighth grade and younger students.

Cleveland School itself was structurally deficient to take on additional students in 1923. Designed for a limited number of students in each classroom (one classroom per grade level), the crowded conditions forced some classes to be held in the basement, where students had to slip past a furnace and hop over clogged sewer drains to get to a makeshift classroom.

“By all testimony that was heard in this case, Cleveland School was a dump,” said Thom Rosenblum, historian at the Brown Vs. Board of Education National Historic Site in Topeka, Kan. “Space was at a premium in that building. In fact, a janitor would testify that the sewer lines would get clogged and remained clogged for days, leaving students and the staff vulnerable to the sewer gas as well as raw sewage.”

Rather than take her daughter to Cleveland School where classes for freshman classes were non-existent and where a student’s health and well being were in question, Cecelia Thurman-Watts did the one thing that she thought was best for her daughter: she taught her daughter at home.
So, too, would 13 other parents of Cleveland School freshman.

The 13 African-American parents who taught their freshmen students at home would be arrested by local authorities.

The charge: refusing to send students to school.

Consider it the first show of civil disobedience in the war for civil rights.

Rosenbum, the historian at the Brown site, said the Thurman-Watts case would get the attention of two groups, each of which was in a different galaxy when it came to racial equity. The first group was the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which had Topeka attorneys Elisha Scott and R.M. Van Dyne at its service. Scott was an accomplished attorney who had successfully defended fellow African-American families in other segregation cases in the early 20th century.

The second group that was involved in the case was the Ku Klux Klan, which Rosenblum said, allegedly had three members of the Coffeyville Board on Education on its roster.

The Thurman-Watts legal team had multiple basis for their legal challenge against Coffeyville:
• that state law allowed racial integration at the junior high and high school level in first-class cities,
• that the Coffeyville school board, through several school officials being members of the “invisible empire,” practiced bigotry that translated into forced segregation, and

• that the Coffeyville school board practiced discrimination by allowing its black-only school to be inferior in structure and resources when compared to the white-only school.

When the Kansas Supreme Court took up the case, the prevailing argument had nothing to do with racial equality, said Rosenblum. Instead, the primary argument was whether the ninth grade level at Roosevelt School was classified as an “elementary” class or a “junior high” class. It took attorney Elisha Scott six tries to get Superintendent A.I. Decker to admit that the freshman class was, in fact, the first year of high school — a fact that did not go unnoticed by the state’s high court.

In reaching its decision in late January 1924, the state court said the Coffeyville school board lacked the power to segregate the ninth-grade students on the basis of race by nature of the community being a first-class city. The court stated that it was commonly understood that the ninth grade was considered part of the high school.

However, the court also ruled that school districts are allowed to create school zones for the assignment of students so as not to create overcrowded schools — provided that the zones are reasonable and not based on race or color.

In the eyes of the African-American community, the battle had been won.

The Coffeyville school board still was defiant in the face of the court’s decision.

* * * * *

Four days after the court issued its opinion, African-American students Victoria Thurman and Alonzo Grubbs presented themselves at Roosevelt School for admission into the ninth grade. They were accompanied by their mothers: Cecelia Thurman-Watts and Mrs. M.L. Grubbs.

However, the students and their mothers were met at the Roosevelt School door by principal J.H. Benefield, who informed them that “he had no orders to admit colored students to said school and that they were to report to the Cleveland School for orders.”

The parents immediately sent a telegram to attorneys Scott and VanDyne, who, in turn, appealed to the state’s high court to issue a “writ” that would command Coffeyville schools to accept the black freshmen students for admission.

However, a unique thing happened while the attorneys and court justices haggled the merits of the case: the same day Thurman and Grubbs went to Roosevelt to seek admission as freshmen, a host of other African-American students from the seventh and eighth grades appeared at Roosevelt demanding enrollment. All students were told to return to Cleveland School for enrollment.

The state’s high court issued a demand to the Coffeyville school board to settle the issue through specific zones in an effort to reduce overcrowded schools . . . as long as the zoning process did not include racial segregation.

The same “writ” also demanded that the African-American students be allowed to use all facilities in the new Roosevelt School, such as the domestic science classrooms, manual training area, gymnasium and cafeteria.

When Victoria Thurman and 19 other children returned to Roosevelt School for admission on Feb. 14, 1924, they were allowed entrance but immediately required to take a series of five entry tests to determine their competency. Sixteen of the 20 black students failed the tests and were, therefore, denied enrollment into the school based on their lack of education. Decker, the superintendent, defended the use of the tests, claiming they were standard tests given to all students across the Coffeyville school system.

Scott and VanDyne appealed to the state’s high court once again, asking the court to hold Coffeyville schools in contempt for issuing standardized entry tests that, the attorneys claimed, were “unfair, unjust, unreasonable, and oppressive.”
On July 5, 1924, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled against Scott and VanDyne’s motion.
However, the court did award Scott $1,000 in attorney’s fees.

* * * * *

Thurman-Watts vs. Board of Education of Coffeyville would not be a landmark case in the fight for civil justice. And, it would take many more lawsuits over the ensuing decades before the U.S. Supreme Court would take up the issue of racial segregation.

That would come in 1954, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that segregation of public institutions was unconstitutional. Representing the Brown family and the other families who filed the class-action lawsuit was Charles Scott, the son of Elisha Scott, who represented the Coffeyville family in the 1924 case.

Was there a direct connection between the Thurman-Watts case and the Brown case? Rosenblum contends the two cases were totally separate, however the Thurman-Watts case could be considered the impetus for the arguments that would be heard in the Brown case.

“The Thurman-Watts case was a training ground for Brown,” said Rosenblum. “The Thurman-Watts story also was unique because it showed the first signs of civil disobedience when the 13 parents chose to strike against the school district and not send their kids to Cleveland School.”

Why didn’t the the Kansas Supreme Court rule on the constitutionality of racial segregation, choosing instead to determine the merits of legalistic arguments (i.e., whether a freshman class was considered to be in the high school level as compared to the elementary level)? Rosenblum said most state judges of that era believed segregation was wrong but had little choice because the Plessy case still was the law of the nation.

“Until the U.S. Supreme Court made its decision in the Brown case in 1954, Plessy was still the law of the land,” said Rosenblum. “A district or state judge may have thought personally that segregation was wrong and, therefore, unconstitutional. But until the U.S. Supreme Court made its landmark decision in 1954, the lower courts could do nothing but uphold Plessy.”

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Extra time now required under new postal delivery format

The time it takes for your valentine love note to reach your spouse, a paycheck to be sent to your employee, a Christmas card to get to your cousins, a payment to arrive at your utility service, or a church newsletter to get parishioners will now take a bit longer under a U.S. Postal Service operations adjustment that has been in effect since Jan. 5.

Brian Sperry, a regional spokesperson with the U.S. Postal Service in Kansas City, Mo., confirmed that the postal service has changed its delivery timeframe due to declining volumes of first-class mail. As of Jan. 5, first-class local mail now requires an extra day for delivery — meaning that a first-class letter mailed from your community to an address within your community will now take a minimum of two days for delivery.

So, if you mail a letter in Coffeyville to a local address on Monday, it will arrive at that Coffeyville address on Wednesday. That minimum two-day delivery is the norm throughout most postal regions, like the 673 zip code of southeast Kansas.

The reason? Fewer people are using the first-class mail as the find alternate means for commerce, information and communication dissemination.

“Single-piece first-class mail volume has declined 53 percent in the past ten years, and its decline is expected to continue as more and more people pay their bills online and communicate digitally,” said Sperry. “This mail consists largely of personal correspondence, bill payments, greeting cards, etc. Prior to Jan. 5, 2015, when sent locally, it was delivered within one day. Now this mail will be delivered in two days. For 49-cents, First Class Mail will still be delivered anywhere in the contiguous United States within three days.”

Packages, including medicine/prescriptions, are not affected by the service change, Sperry said.

Major mailers presenting first-class mail to the postal service will continue to have an opportunity to present their mail for overnight processing and delivery based on revised entry times, Sperry said.

According to a U.S. Postal Service fact sheet, first-class mail now takes an average of 1.8 days to delivery. When the changes were implemented on Jan. 5, that delivery service was expected to take an average of 2.1 days.
The U.S. Postal Service is attempting to reduce overall operating costs by $20 billion by 2017. Changing service standards and “right-sizing” the postal service’s processing and retail structures are part of a larger comprehensive plan designed to restore financial stability to the service, Sperry said.

In 2011, the U.S. Postal Service began a series of postal operations consolidations to trim expenses. In Kansas, the consolidation including sending all first-class mail to Wichita for overnight sorting and then return it to the regional postal centers by semi-truck before the next day’s mail is delivered. In the 673 zip code region, Independence serves as the regional postal site.

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Affiliation being sought between CRMC, Mercy

Plans are underway to seek an independent third party to evaluate a possible affiliation between Mercy Hospital of Independence and Coffeyville Regional Medical Center.

David Steinmann, Mercy chief executive officer, said Monday that a community task force group that was created to examine the future of Mercy Hospital, approved a plan late last week to work with CRMC in evaluating the feasibility of an affiliation. A third-party consulting firm would be hired to evaluate and investigate such an affiliation, Steinmann said.

“Our task force is solidly behind the idea of pursuing this research and wants to fully understand the opportunities of a relationship with CRMC,” Steinmann said. “There was a great deal of optimism expressed at our meeting that this type of arrangement could greatly benefit the residents of our entire county in terms of assuring high-quality health care remains available and sustainable for many years to come.”

Steinmann said the consulting firm would review a variety of data from both hospitals and assist each party in assessing the strengths and opportunities of a potential affiliation.

From his office at CRMC, CEO Jim Chromik also shared his organization’s outlook on the process to come. “The CRMC Board of Directors has been very supportive and enthusiastic about collaborating and working with Mercy for the benefit of both hospitals.” 

Steinmann said a potential consulting firm has been identified to complete the evaluation, and the next step is to establish expectations for the scope, timeline and cost of the study. Steinmann said he will work closely with Chromik, along with legal counsel and the governing boards of both organizations, to facilitate the process.

He said the group anticipates a completed study by early spring.

Both CRMC and Mercy Hospital have been been hit in 2014 with the losses of several key medical doctors, either through retirement or relocation to other medical facilities in the region.

Mercy’s discernment process, which began in 2014, had examined a possible merger or affiliation with the St. John Health System based in Tulsa. However, those discussions ended in late 2014 when St. John chose not to pursue an affiliation.

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Swift action tests off-duty firefighters from Johnson County


THAYER — If a story could be written about being at the right place at the right time, look no further than the journey of three Johnson County firefighters, one of whom is a native of the Liberty area.

Swift action combined with years of professional training by firefighters Ryan Felts and David Wolff of the Shawnee (Kan.) Fire Department and firefighter/media Josh Parrish of the Olathe (Kan.) Fire Department were instrumental in resuscitating an Oklahoma semi-truck driver who was involved in a freak mishap in Thayer last Friday, Dec. 12.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, David Ryan, age 56, of Locust Grove, Okla., was traveling northbound on U.S. 169 highway when he became unconscious. His northbound semi veered off the roadway, hit a pick-up truck that was parked at the Thayer Fire Station and Thayer City Hall (and damaged a portion of the fire station building), crossed Neosho Street and slammed into another parked pick-up truck in front of the Acorn Valley Custom Cabinet Company. The semi then came to rest after it hit the cabinet company building.

Seconds away from the crash scene were the three Johnson County firefighters, who were southbound on U.S. 169 as they were en route to the Liberty area for a weekend of deer hunting. Felts is a native of the Coffeyville-Liberty area and the son of Richard and Shirley Felts of Liberty. Felts and the two other firefighters have made an annual deer hunting trek to the elder Felts’ property near Liberty for the past several years.

Ryan Felts picks up the story:

“We were southbound on U.S. 169 and noticed a number of people were running across the highway, which we obviously thought was odd. When we came up on the area in front of the Thayer Fire Station, we could see the semi trailer and the crushed pickup truck against the Acorn Valley building. People were gathered around the cab of the semi. We also saw a portion of the Thayer Fire Station was part of the damage path. So, we immediately pulled over and offered assistance.”
Wolff is a captain at the Olathe Fire Department, where he serves as a firefighter/medic. Felts and Wolff, besides being firefighters, are EMT trained.

Because ambulance service was another 15 to 20 minutes from arriving, the three men put their years of training to work. Seeing that the semi-driver was unconscious, they immediately began applying CPR in an effort to pump air into his body and regain his pulse.

Felts, being familiar with the ways of the emergency services and having some knowledge of Thayer, spotted the fire station and ran to it in hopes of locating an automated external defibrillator, or AED, which is standard equipment in many fire stations. Felts searched the several vehicles inside the damaged fire station and found the device (the fire station is empty of personnel as it is staffed by volunteers only during emergencies). He returned to the crash scene with AED in hand and helped Wolff and Parrish apply the device to the semi-driver.

The AED device allowed Ryan to regain his pulse. By that time, the fire emergency service crews from Chanute had arrived and transported Ryan to Neosho County Memorial Hospital for medical treatment. He was later transferred to another hospital.

The three Johnson County firefighters then returned to their own vehicle, grabbed a collective sigh of relief, and continued their travel to Montgomery County for a weekend of hunting.

“Thank God no one was in those two pickup trucks when the semi hit them,” said Felts in recounting the incident. “If there was a good thing that happened, it was that the pickup truck actually absorbed the force of the collision. Had that truck not been parked there in front of the cabinet company, there is a chance the semi would have slammed into the cabinet company building and caused a lot of damage and injuries.”

Felts said the firefighters’ years of emergency services training were instrumental in allowing himself, Wolff and Parrish to keep their wits in a time of an emergency.

“This is one of those rare cases where the situation develops in front of your eyes, and the sequence of events progresses,” he said. “In most cases, we are paged out from a fire station and have several minutes to mentally prepare. But, this is a situation where you render the aid as the situation unfolds in front of you. I have to also say that the bystanders in Thayer were very helpful.”

Felts scoffs at the term “hero” being applied to them. He also says he, Wolff and Parrish would have done the same thing — regardless of where they were.

“We are just glad to hear there were no injuries to bystanders and that the semi driver was transported to the hospital,” he said.

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Exhaust fan manufacturer to locate to Coffeyville


COFFEYVILLE — In the same year in which two Coffeyville major industries announced their plans to close local plants, the Coffeyville community got some good news on Wednesday: a new industry will relocate to Coffeyville, bringing with it 10 to 20 jobs.

Steve Burney, president and chief operating officer of the Loren Cook, has announced their company will open a new manufacturing facility in the former IBT building in the Coffeyville Industrial Park. The Loren Cook Company, whose corporate headquarters is in Springfield, Mo., manufactures ventilation equipment for commercial and industrial buildings.

The Loren Cook Company has recently acquired the 38,500 square foot IBT building and is expected to open the facility in the spring of 2015. They will employ between 10 and 20 metal fabrication and light assembly operators.

In announcing the acquisition of the building Steve Burney stated, “Loren Cook will be manufacturing the Gemini line of small exhaust fans in our Coffeyville facility. These fans can be found in the Disney Hotels and Resorts, and our company also designs and manufactures custom blowers for projects like the new One World Trade Center in New York City.”

Mayor Jim Falkner said Loren Cook purchased 15 acres of land from the City of Coffeyville to accommodate future expansion.

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Coffeyville woman killed in collision

Friday, Nov. 21 (6:30 p.m.)

COFFEYVILLE — A Coffeyville woman as killed and a 3-year-old boy was injured in a two vehicle collision on U.S. 169 highway about one-half mile north of Coffeyville on Friday morning.

The Kansas Highway Patrol said the collision involved a 2001 Dodge Stratus and a 2007 Freightliner semi-truck at the intersection of county road 2800 shortly after 11:30 a.m. The Dodge Stratus was driven by Rachel Nacole Baker, age 29, of Coffeyville and was eastbound on county road 2800. According to the crash log, Baker failed to stop at the intersection with U.S. 169 and entered the highway, where the vehicle was hit by by the northbound semi driven by Kenneth Petrey, age 58, of Commerce, Okla.

Baker was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. A 3-year-old passenger, Kylan Baker, was injured and taken to St. Francis Medical Center in Tulsa, Okla. Petry did not sustain any injuries.

According to the crash log, the two occupants in the Baker vehicle were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the collision. Petry was wearing a seat belt.

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Montgomery County Delinquent Tax List and Notice (Townships Only)

AMIR K ADIB-YAZDI, DELORES A ADIB-YAZDI CO-T, Havana Country Club Add, Lot A-21, AT 001665, 18-34-14, $388.44
LONNY W & DIANA L ALLEN, AT 000283, 16-34-14, $337.39
LONNY W & DIANA L ALLEN, AT 000283A1, 16-34-14, $286.98
LONNY W, DIANA L & JACOB E ALLEN, AT 000250, 10-34-14, $1,695.78
DON A. ARMITAGE REV LIV TRST; TRSTE, East Side Add – Caney, AT 001615, 07-35-14, $44.96
DON A ARMITAGE, Bradleys 2nd Add, Lot 1-3, Block 13, AT 001631, 07-35-14, $443.03
CYNTHIA A BAYS, Griffin Sub – Wayside, Lot 7 & 8, Block 1, AT 000628, 03-34-14, $20.69
CYNTHIA A BAYS, Griffin Sub-Wayside, Lot 6, Block 1, AT 000627, 03-34-14, $24.78
KENNETH & STEPHANIE BRAGG, Griffin Sub-Wayside, AT 000635, 03-34-14, $28.76
KENNETH W & STEPHANIE M BRAGG, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, Lot 9-11, Block 3, AT 000696, 03-34-14, $212.16
CHARLES G BRIGHT (1/2 INT), ROBERT J & RUBY BRIGHT, AT 000327, 22-34-14, $222.76
TERRY LEE & KIMBERLY JOAN KNIGHT, AT 000117, 01-35-13, $736.31
CHARLES E BUNCH, Havana Country Club Add, Lot C-2, AT 001710, 18-34-14, $633.64
RALPH G BURRIS, TERRI L ERBE, AT 000225, 07-34-14, $1,365.57
BOBBY LEE BUSH, THERESA D WILLIAMS, AT 000460A1, 03-35-14, $1,548.45
GARRY GENE & JANICE A BUSH, AT 000566A1, 12-35-14, $717.78
JEFFREY A & RHONDA L RUSSELL, AT 000279A1, 16-34-14, $372.03
ED & JUDY COOTS, Stones Add-Caney, Lot 6-10, Block 2, AT 00142A2, 13-35-13, $1,847.33
FRANK J & BARBARA A CREBASE REV TRST (1/2);TRSTES, Havana Country Club Add, Lot A-32, AT 001676, 18-34-14, $510.17
ELIZABETH S CUTSHALL, AT 000565A6, 12-35-14, $626.11
JACK J DENTON, AT 000434, 36-34-14, $358.17
PATRICIA K DONLEY, Havana Country Club Add, Lot A-22 & A-23, AT 001666, 18-34-14, $1,884.47
DONNA LEE OIL CO, AT 000289L1, 17-34-14, $87.15
NYOKA & JOSHUA EASTMAN, MOTHER & SON, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, AT 000672, 03-34-14, $182.94
BETTY FENN, JUSTIN BAYS, Hillside Add-Caney, Lot 1, Block 3, AT 000969, 01-35-13, $26.40
ARTA JEAN FILKIN, AT 000454A6, 02-35-14, $515.54
KENNETH FOBIAN, AT 000474A2, 04-35-14, $104.35
JOE D RAY FAMILY LTD PARTNERSHIP, Havana Country Club Add, Lot A-12, AT 001656, 18-34-14, $985.80
BALDEMAR L GOMEZ, Freemans Sub-Wayside, Lot 16-18, Block 2, AT 000683, 03-34-14, $26.56
BALDEMAR L GOMEZ, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, Lot 1-3, Block 2, AT 000667, 03-34-14, $219.83
BILL J & LANA J GRAYUM, AT 000477, 04-35-14, $1,766.83
HARDWOOD PALLETS LLC, AT 000484A1, 05-35-14, $2,529.58
HARDWOOD PALLETS LLC, AT 000482, 05-35-14, $39.08
JAMES J & PATRICIA A BROWN, AT 000332, 23-34-14, $270.07
DONALD P & JENNIFER L HODGES, AT 000032, 13-34-13, $664.14
JACK H & PATRICIA A HORTON, AT 000206A2, 04-34-14, $1,442.41
JANE M ISERN L EST, GAIL L CARPENTER-L EST; DALE C, Havana Country Club Add, AT 001686, 18-34-14, $388.44
PHILLIP C & BARBARA A JAY, East Side Add-Caney, Lot 12, AT 001609, 07-35-14, $74.00
RAY JUDE, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, Lot 13 & 14, Block 1, AT 000663, 03-34-14, $447.78
RAY JUDE, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, Lot 15, Block 1, AT 000665, 03-34-14, $35.99
FRANK & JENNIFER ALLISON KEIM, AT 000447A2, 01-35-14, $101.55
FRANK & JENNIFER ALLISON KEIM, AT 000448, 01-35-14, $43.46
FRANK J & JENNIFER E ALLISON KEIM, AT 000567, 12-35-14, $164.39
DOUGLAS L LARKIN, AT 000571A4, 12-35-14, $1,219.28
GINGER A & GREGORY L LARKIN, Stones Add-Caney, AT 000171, 13-35-13, $761.50
JOSHUA B LONG, West Side Add-Tyro, AT 000729, 01-35-14, $365.42
LAURA D LONG, AT 000041, 13-34-13, $106.60
CAROL B MANGAN, Havana Country Club Add, Lot A-24, AT 001668, 18-34-14, $511.9
5ELIZABETH E MAYFIELD, AT 000541A2, 09-35-14, $34.60
CLINTON W & BONNIE L MCGAUGH, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, Lot 16, Block 1, AT 000666, 03-34-14, $180.22
STEPHEN E & SHERRI D MELANDER, AT 000337A1, 24-34-14, $269.56
CLAUDE E OR DWAYNE E MESSNER, AT 000397, 31-34-14, $177.74
CLAUDE E OR DWAYNE E MESSNER, AT 000493A3, 06-35-14, $124.09
DWAYNE MESSNER, AT 000401, 32-34-14, $30.42
DWAYNE MESSNER, AT 000401A5, 32-34-14, $1,716.25
DWAYNE E MESSNER, AT 000493, 06-35-14, $1,298.04
GREGORY C & BEVERLY J METCALF, AT 000228, 07-34-14, $2,863.91
BONNIE OWENS, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, Lot 1 & 2, Block 3, AT 000686, 03-34-14, $27.29
BONNIE OWENS, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, AT 000688, 03-34-14, $23.15
BONNIE OWENS, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, Lot 1 & 2, Block 4, AT 000699, 03-34-14, $24.78
BONNIE OWENS, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, Lot 3 & 4, Block 4, AT 000701, 03-34-14, $52.79
RICHARD W ROBBINS, AT 000485A2, 05-35-14, $607.57
VIRGIL B & DONNA R ROPER, AT 000460, 03-35-14, $315.26
DARRELL LEE & MELISA SIMMONS, AT 000605A1, 18-35-14, $578.07
EARL D THOMPSON, AT 000525, 08-35-14, $454.50
DONALD B & AMBER L THORNTON, AT 000284, 17-34-14, $262.54
ALAN L TIDWELL, West Side Add-Tyro, Lot 12, Block 7, AT 000801, 01-35-14, $451.03
BRUCE S & E ANN VANATTA, AT 000377A1, 29-34-14, $707.30
RICK VAUGHAN, AT 000512, 07-35-14, $392.56
WALNUT CREEK LLC, AT 000264A1, 13-34-14, $83.82
MICHAEL S & CVETTE SJ WARD, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, AT 000690, 03-34-14, $118.66
TIMOTHY B & TERRIE L WELTON, AT 000351A2, 25-34-14, $529.75
REBECCA L & JERRY L WHEATLEY, AT 000466A4, 03-35-14, $1,886.91
JOHN & SHANNA WILSON, Griffin 2nd Sub-Wayside, AT 000670, 03-34-14, $23.15
JOYCE M WRIGHT, Cheyenne Add-Caney, Lot 8-14, Block 7, AT 001325, 07-35-14, $633.04

BIG CHIEF LAND COMPANY, BT 000057A2, 07-34-17, $72.20
JONATHAN BRYAN, BT 000177, 30-34-17, $302.47
MARY ANN BYRNE, BT 000150A1, 28-34-17, $500.06
DAVID P & MEGAN M CAMP, BT 000059A2, 07-34-17, $285.82
DAVID P & MEGAN M CAMP, BT 000105A1, 18-34-17, $212.48
JOHNNIE JR & HELEN IRENE CARESIO, BT 000111A1, 19-34-17, $1,136.82
JIM D COLVIN, BT 000059, 07-34-17, $2,214.84
CRUDE MARKETING INC, BT 000172A1, 30-34-17, $119.32
ROBERT S DEATHERAGE, BT 000237A5, 04-35-17, $1,407.89
JAMES A FERGUSON, BT 000234A2, 03-35-17, $19.55
JAMES A FERGUSON, BT 000234, 03-35-17, $672.51
LEE O FERGUSON, BT 000233, 03-35-17, $151.59
LEE W FERGUSON, BT 000236A1, 03-35-17, $54.05
FLAT ROCK CONCEPTS LLC, BT 000138A5, 27-34-17, $27.25
BILL & LINDA GUINN, BT 000252, 05-35-17, $937.22
BOB & CYNTHIA MARIE HENDERSON, BT 000278A1, 06-35-17, $505.16
DARRELL M INGRAM, BT 000311, 08-35-17, $64.68
DARRELL M INGRAM, BT 000350, 17-35-17, $39.18
JPMORGAN CHASE BANK NA, (VENDORSCAPE), BT 000152A1, 28-34-17, $1,445.07
JACK W & RHONDA LEWIS, BT 000353, 17-35-17, $828.03
CHANCE BAKER, BT 000218, 33-34-17, $512.16
PAT MERRIMAN, BT 000127, 21-34-17, $288.09
JOSEPH M & JOYCE GAYE MILLER; OSCAR C, BT 000302, 08-35-17, $1,368.98
JOSEPH M & JOYCE GAYE MILLER, BT 000304, 08-35-17, $655.16
BRENDA D & WILLIAM J MOCK, BT 000260, 05-35-17, $857.34
CLINT & RACHEL PERKINS, BT 000360A2, 18-35-17, $119.65
RENCH INC, BT 000111, 19-34-17, $1,148.71
ALVIN A ROBINETT, BT 000326, 09-35-17, $634.46
IRENE D SHIELDS, BT 000131A1, 22-34-17, $558.17
GRADY A SMITH, BT 000288, 06-35-17, $1,142.31
IVAN & RUTH SMITH, BT 000354A2, 18-35-17, $1,234.87
IVAN D & RUTH A SMITH, BT 000354A1, 18-35-17, $184.32
RUSTY WATTS, BT 000156A1, 29-34-17, $291.34
JAMES W & SHIRLEY J WISHALL, BT 000030A1, 04-34-17, $220.09
HERMAN, SANDY & MATT WITWER, BT 000200, 32-34-17, $272.49
MARVIN D & GLENNA L WITWER, BT 000117, 19-34-17, $927.95
PAT MERRIMAN, BT 000126, 21-34-17, $287.84

BRIAN D BENTSON, County Clks SubSW 4-32-17, CT 000223A2, $568.40
MARCY L BROOKS, CT 000174A1, 32-31-17, $52.36
LEW JR & JASMIN FORMAN, CT 000233, 05-32-17, $83.74
MICHAEL E GOODWIN, CT 000320A1, 15-32-17, $66.99
ADAM L GREVE, County Clks SubNE 4-32-17, CT 000211A2, $185.08
JAY D & SHARON HICKS, Cnty ClksSub SWNW16-32-17, CT 000366, $758.71
DOUGLAS E HOLLOWAY, CT 000133A1, 27-31-17, $1,111.13
KIRK E & ROBERTA HOUSEL, CT 000330, 17-32-17, $967.62
VIOLA A LONG, Sunny Slope, Lot 5-10, Block 2, CT 000530, 08-32-17, $473.52
MIDWEST PLASTICS CO INC, CT 000307A4, 10-32-17, $6,541.87
ALLEN LEE MYERS, CT 000193, 34-31-17, $334.76
MARGARET SHULL, CT 000180, 33-31-17, $1,068.32
BRETT A STRICKLAND, CT 000299A1, 09-32-17, $1,437.75
BRUCE STRICKLAND, CT 000299, 09-32-17, $1,536.09
DORIS E COATS, CT 000197A1, 03-32-17, $354.72
BILL J & DELLA F WOOD, County Clks SubNE 4-32-17, CT 000211A1, $34.98
BILL J & DELLA WOOD, County Clks SubSW 4-32-17, CT 000223, $705.28
BILL J & DELLA WOOD; DEBRA ANN WOOD ELLIS, County Clks SubSW 4-32-17, CT 000223A3, $95.66
BILL J & DELLA WOOD; MARSHA RENEE WOOD, County Clks SubSW 4-32-17, CT 000223A4, $100.91
JOHNNY L DOUGLAS, Sunny Slope, Lot 11-14, Block 2, CT 000536, 08-32-17, $451.90

LOUIS L SR & IDA V BOLIN, DT 000117A1, 34-32-16, $677.62
ROBIN BUTLER, DT 000060A1, 27-32-16, $186.91
WAYNE D & CASSANDRA L CAMPBELL, DT 000258A2, 33-32-17, $1,469.72
ROBERT A CLAPP EST, DT 000084A2, 29-32-16, $915.52
DEAN & ELIZABETH CRAWFORD, DT 000423, 31-32-16, $26.05
CHARLES C & SUSAN J ENLOE, DT 000205A1, 27-32-17, $24.36
CHARLES C & SUSAN J ENLOE, DT 000205A2, 27-32-17, $20.61
STEVEN E & PRISCILLA J LINDSEY, DT 000262A1, 34-32-17, $43.27
KATHRYN E HURST, DT 000232, 30-32-17, $2,380.08
CHARLES FRITZ % RICHARD FRITZ, DT 000084A4, 29-32-16, $65.65
PAUL & LISA HINKLE, DT 000265A4, 03-33-17, $304.96
CLIFFORD E HOGAN JR, BARBARA J ELLISON, DT 000175, 20-32-17, $1,781.56
NAOMI MARTIN-NTC, JOHN L & LIEN K MARTIN, DT 000087A1, 29-32-16, $161.16
TIMOTHY A MYERS, DT 000255, 33-32-17, $252.13
AMOS L SR & KAREN L RILEY, DT 000110, 33-32-16, $1,934.41
KENNETH J & CHARLOTTE L ROWELL, Corbin City, Lot 1-3, Block 3, DT 000310, 21-32-17, $1,041.25
KENNETH J & CHARLOTTE L ROWELL, Corbin City, Lot 5, Block 3, DT 000314, 21-32-17, $49.18
KENNETH J & CHARLOTTE L ROWELL, Corbin City, Lot 6, Block 3, DT 000315, 21-32-17, $49.18
JOHN H & CONNIE J SCAMMEY, DT 000114, 34-32-16, $1,151.77
JOHN H & CONNIE J SCAMMEY, DT 000221, 29-32-17, $184.88
MITCHELL K & CHRISTINA A SHAW, Cedar Springs Sub, Lot 2, DT 000409, 29-32-16, $1,081.45
ELMER E KINGSBURY LIV TRST, DT 000106A4, 33-32-16, $1,628.12
ELMER E KINGSBURY LIV TRST, DT 000098A2, 32-32-16, $38.34
JOHN H & BETTY L VANDYNE, DT 000230A3, 30-32-17, $422.33
RICHARD A JR & BRANDY L VERGE, Corbin City, DT 000291, 21-32-17, $1,011.95
SHARON K WINKLEMAN REV TRST; TRSTE, DT 000024A1, 22-32-16, $463.90
DONALD B YAUS, CAROL MCLAUGHLIN, DT 000006, 20-32-16, $588.11

DON A & CARMEN J ALDERMAN, Oakwood Sub, ET 001135A1, 01-35-15, $1,178.81
ALBERT H ALLEN & VELDA P ALLEN REV LIV TRST, ET 000533A1, 18-34-16, $690.61
STANFORD AUSTIN, RA MON N AUSTIN; THEAYRE S, ET 000533A5, 18-34-16, $424.42
PEDRO M II & RISA L SEGURA, Oakwood Sub, ET 000331, 01-35-15, $1,928.45
TIMOTHY S & DENISE BAKER, ET 000088, 10-34-15, $47.35
BILLY J & LORENE A BEAN, ET 000480, 17-35-15, $78.19
BILLY JOE & LORENE BEAN; CHARLES A WALLS, ET 000478, 17-35-15, $157.75
BILLY JOE & LORENE ANN BEAN, ET 000476, 16-35-15, $525.55
JASON C COLLINS, ET 000230A2, 26-34-15, $111.14
ROBERT & LINDA COOPER, ET 000626A1, 06-35-16, $245.92
ROBERT & LINDA COOPER, ET 000626A2, 06-35-16, $155.49
MARK L NASH, ET 000539A7, 19-34-16, $1,343.03
JOEL W & EMILY J LEWIS, ET 000628A5, 06-35-16, $2,266.58
FLOYD & RUBY JO DICKINSON, ET 000264A1, 30-34-15, $586.69
DEWAYNE & MARGARET DIXON, ET 000350A1, 02-35-15, $745.74
JOHN M & ROBERTA Y DULIN, ET 000298, 35-34-15, $799.90
GREGORY S FERGUSON, ET 000002A5, 01-34-15, $159.78
DEVLIN W & RUTH ANN FIELDS, ET 000468, 15-35-15, $245.69
FLAT ROCK CONCEPTS LLC, ET 000079, 09-34-15, $84.33
FLAT ROCK CONCEPTS LLC, ET 000648A3, 08-35-16, $35.32
ROBERT EUGENE FOX, ET 000334, 01-35-15, $414.53
DAVID H GARNER, H ELIZABETH MCBEATH, ET 000309, 36-34-15, $270.79
HAZEL HARDING, ET 000316A6, 36-34-15, $113.40
ROBERT L JR & CYNTHIA M HENDERSON, ET 000343, 01-35-15, $637.95
HARVEY J & NANCY C HENRY, Reads Add-Tyro, Lot 4 & 5, Block 1, ET 000963, 31-34-15, $59.19
MILTON R & CHRISTY LYNN HERSHEY, ET 000426A1, 11-35-15, $1,902.55
RANDALL & LAURA HILDERBRAND, ET 000329A1, 01-35-15, $1,637.62
GINA L HOLLAMEN, 08-35-16, $300.96
TED R JONES, SARAH JONES; ANTHONY JONES, ET 000520, 08-34-16, $104.14
THERAN J & TABITHA K JOPLIN, Butlers Add, TC 000829, 31-34-15, $327.69
JUDY L KING, STEPHEN S STRASBURGER, ET 000643A2, 07-35-16, $1,491.72
ROY O & DOLORES G KITTERMAN, Oak Hills Sub, Lot 11, Block 1, ET 001109, 06-35-16, $880.13
DELORES J MYERS, ET 000261, 30-34-15, $413.27
OLIN DALE HAMLIN REV TRST, ET 000126A1, 14-34-15, $480.95
LINDA LOFFER, ET 000611A3, 05-35-16, $126.58
AMERIC MARTIN, EDWARD GASTON, ET 000618, 05-35-16, $83.35
MIKE L MCCARTNEY, TAMMY L SPEARS, ET 000130A2, 15-34-15, $710.89
JOE R & JEANNIE J MCDOULETT, ET 000578A6, 31-34-16, $437.15
MOBILCOM PITTSBURG INC, ET 000528A6, 18-34-16, $416.20
VIRGIL E MORRIS, PATSY P HANEY, ET 000123, 14-34-15, $367.25
VIRGIL E MORRIS, ET 000129A2, 14-34-15, $59.13
XIAOYONG AN O’NEAL, ET 000084, 10-34-15, $28.57
ERIC ODEN, ET 000018, 03-34-15, $122.89
JEAN ODOM, COREY TRUITT, ET 000282A1, 33-34-15, $538.26
JOHNNIE E & SELMA L PEYTON, ET 000623B3, 06-35-16, $1,855.68
DWIGHT POLLETT, ET 000435A2, 12-35-15, $324.70
DOYLE W POWELL, ET 000283, 33-34-15, $679.90
WILLIE D & LULA B RAINS, ET 000422, 10-35-15, $425.51
ROBERT RENCH, ET 000616, 05-35-16, $187.47
ROBERT RENCH, ET 000610, 05-35-16, $391.30
ROBERT RENCH, ET 000645A8, 08-35-16, $79.81
ROBERT M RENCH, ET 000645, 08-35-16, $70.26
MELVIN C & MABLE ANN REXWINKLE, ET 000344B2, 01-35-15, $874.53
ADRIAN M RILEY, ET 000370, 04-35-15, $654.50
JO ANN FRENCH, ET 000582, 31-34-16, $716.22
CASSANDRA ROBERTSON, ET 000340A3, 01-35-15, $445.07
GRETCHEN A RUTHERFORD, ET 000578A4, 31-34-16, $725.93
FRANCIS JOSEPH III & CHRISTINE L SCHILL, ET 000524A1, 17-34-16, $1,401.85
ROBERT WAYNE SELLS, ET 000648, 08-35-16, $639.26
RONALD JOSEPH SELLS, ET 000648A2, 08-35-16, $108.13
SIX (E) TRADING CO, ET 000503, 06-34-16, $17.77
JAMES DAVID SMITH, ET 000608A5, 05-35-16, $1,612.15
NANCY E STODDARD, ET 000222, 26-34-15, $22,120.46
GARY R & CAROL F SWEPSTON, ET 000408, 09-35-15, $214.04
GLORIA SUE SWIFT, ET 000539A6, 19-34-16, $831.65
WILLIAM JAMES GRAYSON TATE, Oak Hills Sub, Lot 2, ET 001100, 06-35-16, $1,571.33
DONNIE R & JOYCE L WALLACE, ET 000307, 36-34-15, $528.99
JERRY LYNN WHITE, ET 000547A9, 20-34-16, $1,142.79
MARSHA H WILMOTH, ET 000386, 06-35-15, $859.74
KEVIN & MARLA YEUBANKS, ET 000324, 36-34-15, $1,246.68
KEVIN L & MARLA J YEUBANKS, ET 000325, 36-34-15, $665.87
LUCAS L YEUBANKS, ET 000666A1, 18-35-16, $1,145.38
RONALD L & TREVA C YEUBANKS, ET 000645A3, 08-35-16, $663.73
RONALD L & TREVA C YEUBANKS, ET 000647, 08-35-16, $2,159.08
RONALD L & TREVA C YEUBANKS, ET 000648A1, 08-35-16, $544.19
RONALD L & TREVA C YEUBANKS, ET 000666, 18-35-16, $35.10

A & B PLANTFARM LLC, FT 000236, 34-32-15, $1,227.10
CALVIN & LINDA J ALLEN, Woodland View Acres, Lot 55, FT 002736, 06-33-16, $2,014.22
LONNY W & DIANA L ALLEN, FT 000407A1, 12-33-15, $1,353.93
MICHELLE ANDERSON, FT 000093, 25-32-15, $23.50
JOHN DANIEL ANDRES, Fruitland Sub, Lot 42, FT 001380, 01-33-15, $793.24
TIMOTHY S & DENISE H BAKER, FT 000502, 19-33-15, $620.09
TIMOTHY S & DENISE BAKER, FT 000485A4, 19-33-15, $169.77
TRAVIS R & BARBIE R BAKER, County Clks Sub of Blk100, FT 000280, 36-32-15, $77.60
GEORGE B & CAROL A BATH, FT 000316, 01-33-15, $1,481.38
NORMAN BLUMER, FT 000279, 36-32-15, $59.90
CASEY LEANN & PATTY D BOHR, FT 000854A3, 30-33-16, $57.24
FRED BROWN, Woodland View Acres, FT 002722, 06-33-16, $1,272.32
PATRICK H BURTON, FT 000275, 36-32-15, $111.18
PAUL VERNON CARROLL III, Richardson & Teals, Lot 4 & 5, Block 4, FT 001204, 36-32-15, $32.47
PAUL VERNON CARROLL III, Richardson & Teals, Lot 1, Block 1, FT 001167, 36-32-15, $30.14
THOMAS A & DIAN L COMBS, Fruitland Sub, Lot 40, FT 001378, 01-33-15, $951.28
RONALD & REBEKA HALE CRAWFORD, FT 000668A3, 19-32-16, $1,885.67
FRANK J CREBASE REV TRST; TRSTE, FT 000803A1, 17-33-16, $2,229.89
DALE V & JOAN E DARBY, FT 000116A5, 26-32-15, $120.29
DANNIE W & LINDA S DOUB, Richardson & Teals, FT 001196, 36-32-15, $39.06
DANNIE W & LINDA S DOUB, Richardson & Teals, Lot 1-3, Block 3, FT 001190, 36-32-15, $32.33
GUY EARLE, Indep Imprvmnt Clb 1stAdd, Lot 7, Block 5, FT 001029, 36-32-15, $44.55
SAMUEL E & GLORIA M FORD, Suburban Hghts Add, FT 000888A1, 12-33-15, $596.93
PAUL FOWLER, FT 000278, 36-32-15, $25.17
DENNIS L FRAZIER, FT 000154A1, 27-32-15, $645.36
FLOYD E GARMAN, FT 000643, 34-33-15, $172.02
JUDY GERSTENKORN, McAnultys Sub, Lot 15-17, FT 001240, 24-32-15, $880.77
WALTER L GIBSON, South Highland Sub, FT 001546, 01-33-15, $3,802.40
LAWRENCE E GIGER, County ClksPlt SunsetVlge, Lot 18, Block 2, FT 002612, 12-33-15, $886.81
JANICE & KEVIN GOLDEN, Fruitland Sub, Lot 44, FT 001382, 01-33-15, $693.51
BRADLEY J GORDON, MIKE AINESWORTH, Fruitland Sub, Lot 17, FT 001353, 01-33-15, $177.77
CHRISTOPHER P & TAMISHA J HASTINGS, FT 000085, 25-32-15, $358.91
CHRISTOPHER P & TAMISHA J HASTINGS, Indep Imprvmnt Clb 1stAdd, Lot 8-14, Block 4, FT 001016, 36-32-15, $173.38
W ROY JR & KRISTA L HEIMBERGER, FT 000787A3, 07-33-16, $2,191.78
LEWIS C & VERA N HENRY, Mains Add To Electric Hgt, FT 001100, 01-33-15, $575.07
ARIANA M HILLS, South Highland Sub, FT 001647, 01-33-15, $515.88
CASEY F HOLT, FT 000389A1, 11-33-15, $674.57
GLENN H & SUSAN HOPKINS, Woodrow Sub, Lot 7, FT 002662, 06-33-16, $862.12
HSBC BANK USA NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Elk Lake Estates Add, Lot 9, FT 002510, 33-32-15, $911.87
JOHN B & WHITNEY C KNIGHT REV TRST, Independence Township, FT 000229, 34-32-15, $216.18
LEWIS & SUZAN LANDSAW, FT 000703, 31-32-16, $69.30
RUSSELL D & CHERYL L LANDWEHR, FT 000342A2, 04-33-15, $916.71
SHERRY LYNN LARSH, Co Clk Sub(SESE31-32-16), Lot 2, FT 007658, $67.32
STEVEN R & LINDA R LEAKE, FT 000297A1, 01-33-15, $338.75
LARRY J LIMING, FT 000873A1, 32-33-16, $347.53
RANDALL D LINDEN, South Highland Sub, Lot 1-6, Block 2, FT 001502, 01-33-15, $1,090.55
CASEY EUGENE LONG, FT 000452A2, 15-33-15, $485.54
FRANK EDWARD LONG, South Highland Sub, Lot 6-22, Block 8, FT 001810A1, $625.04
JEFFREY R & DANA D MCCOY, FT 001443, 36-32-15, $124.65
GREGORY HOLT & LAURA ANN MEARS, Woodland View Acres, Lot 29 & 67, FT 002708, 06-33-16, $1,386.10
TIM D MITCHELL, FT 000392A1, 11-33-15, $765.95
JARL RICHARD MORELAND, FT 000334A2, 03-33-15, $588.51
JERRY L & BARBARA BETH NEAR, Whispering Hills Add, Lot 2, FT 002516, 19-32-16, $2,485.06
HARRY D & MARTHA J RICHARDSON, FT 000154A3, 27-32-15, $528.35
RICHARD A JR & TINA M NICKLE, FT 000720, 32-32-16, $126.00
DONNA M ORTIZ FKA DONNA M POTTER, South Highland Sub, Lot 40-44, Block 7, FT 001785, 01-33-15, $319.36
ED & PAT OYLER, FT 000230, 34-32-15, $523.25
QUALITY WRECKER LLC, FT 000695, 31-32-16, $784.41
SKYLER LEE RAIL, FT 000701, 31-32-16, $148.57
ELTON D & JUDITH A SMITH, FT 000674A1, 19-32-16, $1,704.04
JOSEPH R & JENNIFER D REYES, McAnultys Sub, Lot 4, FT 001228, 25-32-15, $489.22
JONATHAN W SCHAPER, FT 000311, 01-33-15, $1,049.09
PHILIP R & NETTIE L SCHAUB, FT 000531, 22-33-15, $983.90
CHRISTOPHER P & TINA R SCHICKE, FT 000855A1, 30-33-16, $208.61
JERAD SCHULTHEISS, Mains Add To Electric Hgt, FT 001111, 01-33-15, $1,416.90
SEK TREE SERVICE, Woodland View Acres, FT 002759, 06-33-16, $86.95
VERNON JR & SHAWNNA SHAFFER, FT 000810, 17-33-16, $160.51
VERNON JR & SHAWNNA SHAFFER, FT 000810A1, 17-33-16, $746.44
CHRISTINA K SLATON, FT 000665A1, 36-33-15, $139.72
TERRANCE L & MARGIE L SMITH, Fruitland Sub, FT 001371A1, 01-33-15, $414.47
RANDALL M & MEGAN M SORAH, FT 000750L7, 06-33-16, $255.55
JOHN STEWART, SERENITY & STANLEY PHELPS, City View Hghts, FT 000945, 11-33-15, $384.97
JOHN WALLCE STEWART, SERENITY & STANLEY PHELPS, City View Hghts, FT 000946, 11-33-15, $469.75
MARTY L SUTTON, MICHELE C ORTIZ, Fruitland Sub, FT 001370, 01-33-15, $980.91
MIKE L & CHARLENE L SUTTON, McAnultys Sub, Lot 10, FT 001235, 24-32-15, $591.86
TIMOTHY J & KASSAUNDRA M SUTTON, Fruitland Sub, FT 001344, 01-33-15, $174.59
DONALD C VINING-NTC, RANDALL D LINDEN; ANGELA D GERSTENKORN, South Highland Sub, Lot 11-16, Block 2, FT 001512, 01-33-15, $888.46
DEBRA WHEATON, FT 000871A1, 32-33-16, $329.94
KENNETH W WILSON, PHILIP J GROTH, Indep Imprvmnt Clb 1stAdd, Lot 8-14, Block 5, FT 001030, 36-32-15, $520.77
KENNETH W WILSON, PHILIP J GROTH-DBA SEK CONSTR, Indep Imprvmnt Clb 1stAdd, Lot 4-6, Block 5, FT 001026, 36-32-15, $26.70
KENNETH W WILSON, PHILIP J GROTH-DBA SEK CONSTR, Indep Imprvmnt Clb 1stAdd, Lot 1-7, Block 4, FT 001009, 36-32-15, $1,157.82
KENNETH W WILSON, PHILIP J GROTH-DBA SEK CONSTR, Indep Imprvmnt Clb 1stAdd, Lot 1-5, Block 9, FT 001072, 36-32-15, $28.63
KENNETH W WILSON, PHILIP J GROTH-DBA SEK CONSTR, Indep Imprvmnt Clb 1stAdd, Lot 6-10, Block 9, FT 001077, 36-32-15, $58.25
KENNETH W WILSON, PHILIP J GROTH-DBA SEK CONSTR, Indep Imprvmnt Clb 1stAdd, Lot 1-5, Block 8, FT 001069, 36-32-15, $28.63
KENNETH W WILSON, PHILIP J GROTH-DBA SEK CONSTR, Indep Imprvmnt Clb 1stAdd, Lot 6 – 10, Block 8, FT 001061, 36-32-15, $28.63
BRIAN L & NANCY G WINEBRENNER, FT 000787A2, 07-33-16, $1,674.54
LARRY WINT, FT 000102, 26-32-15, $46.05LARRY WINT, FT 000114, 26-32-15, $677.18
RODNEY R ZINN, Woodrow Sub, Lot 6, FT 002661, 06-33-16, $863.68

SUSAN RAE BROWN, GT 000348A1, 31-33-17, $636.20
SUSAN RAE BROWN, GT 000347A2, 31-33-17, $46.14
NIKKI D OR TAMARA G CASH, GT 000292A1, 20-33-17, $855.29
COYOTE ENTERPRISES LLC, GT 000295, 20-33-17, $1,745.06
ROBERT D FOSTER, GT 000157A1, 33-33-16, $816.26
GARY LEE FRAZIER, BECKY R KAUFMAN, GT 000172, 34-33-16, $144.89
MARY J & GARY LEE FRAZIER, GT 000179, 34-33-16, $1,064.88
RICHARD C & JILL E GASTINEAU, Liberty Hghts Add, GT 000540, 19-33-17, $1,317.29
RICHARD C & JILL E GASTINEAU, Liberty Hghts Add, GT 000539, 19-33-17, $20.48
RICHARD C & JILL E GASTINEAU, Liberty Hghts Add, GT 000514, 19-33-17, $20.92
RONALD D OR JOSEPH A HALE, Liberty Hghts Add, GT 000449, 19-33-17, $73.11
RONALD D OR JOSEPH A HALE, Liberty Hghts Add, GT 000450, 19-33-17, $864.92
GARRY L & MARITA KERNS, GT 000337, 30-33-17, $1,041.87
RICKY D & KIMBERLY LEE, Liberty Hghts Add, GT 000409, 19-33-17, $403.82
CAROLYN S LOFFER, GT 000362A1, 32-33-17, $434.65
GERALD R MARNELL, GT 000176, 34-33-16, $891.45
RONALD G & DEBORAH L MOORE, GT 000356, 31-33-17, $339.77
CHARLES E & JUDITH A PETERSON, GT 000294, 20-33-17, $220.11

WAYNE L CHISM & JAQULYN R CHISM REV LIV TRST, HT 000400A2, 33-31-14, $232.76
CITY OF BURLINGTON OK, HT 000051U1, $69.40
CITY OF BURLINGTON OK, HT 000050U1, $41.30
CITY OF FORD KS, HT 000057U1, $38.99
CITY OF FORD KS, HT 000056U1, $26.86
JERRY OR JOSEPH RAY DAVIS, HT 000231, 13-31-14, $114.86
RONALD S OR GLENN R FLORIO, HT 000375A2, 32-31-14, $1,601.08
DENNIS L HAGAN, HT 000224A1, 13-31-14, $373.61
CURTIS N JR & MOLLIE HEAPE, HT 000406, 34-31-14, $138.52
CARL E JESSE, HT 000308A1, 23-31-14, $243.58
CHRISTOPHER W MEADOR, HT 000406A1, 34-31-14, $445.75
REX E MORSE, HT 000528A1, 10-32-14, $1,337.39
TARA NOFTSGER, HT 000476, 05-32-14, $504.35
BILLIE D & BONNIE E OLIVER, HT 000403A1, 34-31-14, $418.21
RONALD N & MARTHA C RICE, HT 000155A1, 03-31-14, $651.68
RITTER FAM TRST-REV LIV TRST, TRSTES, HT 000449A2, 04-32-14, $888.80
DANNY L & JUDY K SHAUGHNESSY, HT 000437A1, 02-32-14, $1,032.47
ARTHUR DUANE & KAY A TRIEBEL, HT 000578A1, 16-32-14, $382.00
L A WIDICK, HT 000121, 12-32-13, $28.24

NORMA J ASHLEY, HARVEY B ASHLEY-NTC, IT 000323A1, 09-35-16, $1,188.72
DANIEL J & AMBER ATKINSON, Southern Hill Est Sub, Lot 36, IT 002449, $101.73
JACK S & ROBBI A BELL, Southern Hill Est Sub, Lot 12, IT 002425, 10-35-16, $210.26
BRIAN & LARRISA BENNETT, IT 000197, 26-34-16, $125.27
KRAIG E II & LAUREN BERTRAM, Indian Vlge Acres15-34-16, IT 001249A4, $687.80
DAVID & DEB ANN BLUMENSTEIN, IT 000015A1, 03-34-16, $203.84
DAVID & DEB ANN BLUMENSTEIN, IT 000015A4, 03-34-16, $935.67
HAROLD A BROWN JR, BRENDA DUMLER-BROWN, IT 000025, 04-34-16, $1,344.65
BRADLEY W & JOYCE ELLEN BUCKNER, IT 000022A1, 04-34-16, $2,766.45
GREGORY M CAULKINS, IT 000119A4, 21-34-16, $563.17
TONY CLOKE, Meadowbrk AcresPt16-34-16, IT 001269A7, 16-34-16, $212.89
REBA R COX, IT 000345, 11-35-16, $110.52
REBA R COX, IT 000343, 11-35-16, $140.88
REBA R COX, IT 000342, 11-35-16, $21.71
REBA R COX, IT 000342A2, 11-35-16, $1,981.80
REBA R COX, IT 000342A1, 11-35-16, $417.05
CLAY RUSSELL & ELEANOR DOWNING, IT 000333A8, 10-35-16, $1,077.97
MARY ANN ERNE % MARY ANN FREEDLE, IT 000339, 10-35-16, $1,594.78
ANGELA M EVANS, ANDREW C JAIMEZ, IT 000027, 04-34-16, $1,081.43
FLAT ROCK CONCEPTS LLC, IT 000331A3, 10-35-16, $378.26
FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES, Hillcrst AddE/2SW22-34-16, IT 001224, $1,090.82
GARY LEE FRAZIER, IT 000018, 03-34-16, $748.86
RAYMOND L & FRANCES D GALLAUGHER, Sinclair Gardens, IT 001210, 22-34-16, $657.11
JEFFREY DEAN & MICHELLE GILLMAN, Maplbrook AddPtSW22-34-16, IT 001205A2, $2,142.51
TARIN JO GILLMAN, ROGER D GILLMAN, IT 000096, 15-34-16, $928.97
ROLAND R & PATSY KAY GREER, IT 000112, 16-34-16, $2,758.73
PHIL A & MARIAN S GRUNDY, Riverside Hts&Shadow Lake, IT 001283, 26-34-16, $38.55
PHILIP A & MARIAN S GRUNDY, IT 000140A1, 23-34-16, $642.38
PHILIP A & MARIAN S GRUNDY, Riverside Hts&Shadow Lake, IT 001282, 26-34-16, $19.53
HAROLD R HERRING, Maplbrook AddPtSW22-34-16, IT 001204A1, $1,736.99
GINA L HOLLAMEN, IT 000182A3, 26-34-16, $17.75
R CARL HOSENEY REV TRST, (1/3 INT); JOLENE TOSCANO, IT 000102A1, 16-34-16, $233.95
JOHN L & ETHEL W JONES, IT 000290A1, 02-35-16, $94.92
JOHN E & DIANE R JUSTICE, IT 000294, 03-35-16, $682.69
CHARITY MARIE KAUHI, IT 000206A1, 27-34-16, $154.17
BARBARA K LEMOS, IT 000107A1, 16-34-16, $1,775.20
JOHN LOCKABY, IT 000386, 16-35-16, $855.05
SHANE L MCFALL, DANIELLE LEOFFLER, Indian Vlge Acres15-34-16, Lot 12, IT 001237, $492.48
MICHAEL D & KARLA F MONGAN, IT 000105A1, 16-34-16, $2,319.15
ANDY D MOORE, ROBIN A MOORE VALDEZ, Meadowbrk AcresPt16-34-16, IT 001269A8, $44.14
BEVERLY J MOORE-DEC’D, Meadowbrk AcresPt16-34-16, IT 001269A2, $449.91
GEORGE L & MARY L NOLAND, IT 000328A1, 09-35-16, $921.83
LOUISE OSKISON, Indian Vlge Acres15-34-16, IT 001233A1, $807.40
CLINTON & RACHEL PERKINS, IT 000357, 12-35-16, $68.90
CLINTON & RACHEL PERKINS, IT 000357A4, 12-35-16, $163.56
SHANE A SELLS, Woodland West Sub, Lot 17, IT 002309, 28-34-16, $550.28
RODGER D & KAREN SHUFELDT, Southern Hill Est Sub, Lot 1, IT 002414, 10-35-16, $689.22
FRANKLIN E & DURLETTA M SMITH, IT 000024A3, 04-34-16, $96.50
FRANKLIN E & DURLETTA M SMITH, IT 000024A4, 04-34-16, $1,007.89
ARTHUR L STARK JR, Woodland West Sub, Lot 15, IT 002307, 28-34-16, $1,080.42
JAMES ORVAL STATON, IT 000234A1, 33-34-16, $340.90
DEREK SULLIVAN, JOHNNIE MCGILL, IT 000310, 04-35-16, $1,118.15
DAVID E & STEPHANNIE D TEMPLETON, IT 000111, 16-34-16, $732.78
RAY F TESH, KELLIE R NEWTON, Meadowbrk AcresPt16-34-16, Lot 14 & 15, IT 001276, $1,951.55
TESSENDERLO KERLEY INC, IT 002290A3, 36-34-16, $46,788.56
LINDA L WAGGONER, IT 000129, 21-34-16, $2,296.29
TARA & JAMES D WALTON; MELANIE E WRIGHT, IT 000039, 09-34-16, $311.63
DAVID A & LISA M WRIGHT, IT 000323, 09-35-16, $1,469.94
THE MAC & LUVINA WESLEY TRST INC, IT 000050A1, 10-34-16, $779.02
MARVIN D & CARMEN L WILHELMS, Southern Hill Est Sub, IT 000332A8, 10-35-16, $795.23
CHARLES L & LAWANNA A WYANT, Hillcrst AddE/2SW22-34-16, IT 001222A1, $793.95

JEFF ALLEN, JT 000373A1, 13-33-14, $991.64
LONNY & DIANA L ALLEN, JT 000373, 13-33-14, $275.40
LONNY W & DIANA L ALLEN, JT 000374, 13-33-14, $321.18
LONNY W & DIANA L ALLEN, JT 000371A1, 13-33-14, $362.37
LONNY W & DIANA L ALLEN, JT 000378, 13-33-14, $153.34
DON A ARMITAGE REV LIV TRST; TRSTE, JT 000397, 15-33-14, $2,138.26
DON A ARMITAGE REV LIV TRST; TRSTE, JT 000396, 15-33-14, $430.78
MARY KATHLEEN BABCOCK, JT 000210, 27-32-14, $47.20
MARY KATHLEEN BABCOCK, JT 000208, 27-32-14, $229.02MICHAEL W & BRENDA K FRYE, JT 000440A1, 20-33-14, $934.69
ANITA C BAKER, Johnstons Add-Wayside, Lot 3-6, Block 2, JT 000574, 34-33-14, $51.89
ANITA C BAKER, Johnstons Add-Wayside, Lot 7-9, Block 2, JT 000578, 34-33-14, $179.02
WARREN T BLANTON JR, JT 000416, 17-33-14, $48.25
DAVID WILLIAM BURRUSS, JT 000552, 35-33-14, $931.49
DANIEL & CATHY COPE, JT 000406A1, 17-33-14, $2,092.43
DANIEL & CATHY COPE, JT 000412A1, 17-33-14, $23.95
THOMAS M DAY, JT 000554A1, 35-33-14, $2,180.40
DUKE MINERALS LLC, JT 000555A1, 35-33-14, $40.96
NYOKA EASTMAN, Johnstons Add-Wayside, Lot 1 & 2, Block 2, JT 000572, 34-33-14, $60.99
NYOKA EASTMAN, Johnstons Add – Wayside, Lot 10 & 11, Block 2, JT 000581, 34-33-14, $364.61
NEIL R & NORMA J EDDS, JT 000446, 22-33-14, $213.55
NEIL R & NORMA J EDDS, JT 000491, 27-33-14, $271.47
NEIL R & NORMA J EDDS, JT 000496, 27-33-14, $167.36
WILLIAM J & NICOLE J ELLIS, JT 000492A1, 27-33-14, $2,073.24
WILLIAM J & NICOLE J ELLIS, JT 000502, 28-33-14, $42.93
WILLIAM J & NICOLE J ELLIS, JT 000501, 28-33-14, $45.10
WILLIAM J & NICOLE J ELLIS, JT 000502A1, 28-33-14, $50.44
WILLIAM J & NICOLE J ELLIS, JT 000501A1, 28-33-14, $50.85
WILLIAM J & NICOLE J ELLIS, JT 000539, 33-33-14, $198.06
ERIC EVERLY, JT 000462, 23-33-14, $27.75
KOLE FINNEY, JT 000529A1, 32-33-14, $489.16
GEORGE A GOODWIN JR, JT 000169A2, 23-32-14, $29.63
HOGSETT INC, JT 000503, 29-33-14, $204.40
HOGSETT INC, JT 000499, 28-33-14, $141.80
TONY R & CAROL J HOLT, JT 000535L1, 32-33-14, $47.60
KATHRYN & CLARENCE G MORROW; RITA ANN, JT 000169, 23-32-14, $176.54
BILLIE D & BONNIE E OLIVER, JT 000139A1, 20-32-14, $224.45
THE PALLET CO INC, JT 000038A3, 36-32-13, $111.61
THE PALLET CO INC, Rutland Township, JT 000403, 16-33-14, $3,718.45
PAUL THOMAS E POND, JT 000503A1, 29-33-14, $990.47
ALVIN G MIESSLER JR, MARY M BOYLE, JT 000300, 03-33-14, $197.57
ALVIN G MIESSLER JR, MARY M BOYLE, JT 000302, 03-33-14, $335.84
TREVOR DANIEL TOW, JT 000182, 24-32-14, $88.85
CARL ALLEN WARD, JT 000180A2, 24-32-14, $291.96

MILDRED L BARNES-NTC, LANCE DARNELL, KT 000392, 10-32-15, $130.82
RODNEY W BELL, A LIFE ESTATE, KT 000641A1, 18-32-16, $172.91
CHARLES D BERTIE, KT 000641A2, 18-32-16, $1,448.30
CLINTON D & CONNIE B BISCHOFF, KT 000080A5, 13-31-15, $1,741.89
L WAYNE BLAKE, DONNA S REYNOLDS, KT 000208, 26-31-15, $1,300.29
ROBERT M & LAURIE K BOORIGIE, KT 000111, 17-31-15, $294.82
JACQUES E BROWN, KT 000110, 17-31-15, $165.93
SAMANTHA R BYNUM, River View Sub, KT 001072A1, 07-32-16, $159.34
LORAN W CRANOR, KT 000615A1, 07-32-16, $403.48
WANDA DEAN ENGLAND, Runyans Add, Lot 3, Block 3, KT 000977, 24-31-15, $34.09
WANDA DEAN ENGLAND, TYREE FRAZIER, Runyans Add, KT 000953, 24-31-15, $62.18
BRIAN EYTCHESON, TAMMY GRIMES, River View Sub, KT 001080, 07-32-16, $931.33
BRIAN G EYTCHESON, TAMMY R GRIMES, KT 000609, 07-32-16, $1,633.28
RANDY L & MELISSA A WINEBRENNER, KT 000266A1, 33-31-15, $538.58
CHARLES P SMITH, KT 000270A2, 34-31-15, $1,641.01
DEANNA L GOODLOW, AVANA POUNCIL; D’LONDREA L, KT 000447A3, 14-32-15, $107.39
TERESA GREEN-NTC, LILLIE TERESA L GREEN, KT 000580A1, 31-31-16, $4,602.60
KENDRA K & PAUL J HARRIS, KT 000502A1, 05-31-16, $854.66
SARA M & RONALD L HARRIS, River View Sub, Lot 13 & 14, KT 001076, 07-32-16, $800.81
JEREMIAH 29:11 INC, KT 000345A1, 06-32-15, $18.52
RONALD LEE JONES JR, KT 000451A5, 14-32-15, $334.33
KANSAS OASIS LP, KT 000577A1, 31-31-16, $931.42
EDWARD PATRICK & JESSICA ANN MACIAS, KT 000444A3, 14-32-15, $742.63
MARY L MONTGOMERY % MARY PUGH, KT 000391, 10-32-15, $257.79
CLARK MOORE, KT 000299A2, 01-32-15, $530.44
WILBUR L & BEULAH F OLSEN, KT 000180, 25-31-15, $1,223.73
DAVID L PLISEK, Stevens Add, KT 000801, 24-31-15, $272.58
BARNEY D PONTIOUS TRST; TRSTE, KT 000583A2, 32-31-16, $85.58
AVANA POUNCIL JR, KT 000447A4, 14-32-15, $1,348.53
AVANA POUNCIL JR, KT 000447A5, 14-32-15, $59.27
STEPHEN L PROFFITT, SHELLI A HARLIN, Haversticks 2nd Add, KT 000178A3, 24-31-15, $263.32
FREDERICK D & TRUDY JANE RINNE; TERRY ELAINE, Haversticks 2nd Add, KT 000917, 24-31-15, $661.18
RONALD G & PHYLLIS K SHAFER, KT 000009, 02-31-15, $1,005.77
TRAVIS D SHAFFER, KT 000607A1, 06-32-16, $6,080.63
BETTY J SHERLEY, KT 000571A1, 30-31-16, $2,935.01
E JOE SMITH, KT 000224, 28-31-15, $111.60
E JOE SMITH, KT 000139, 21-31-15, $1,027.18
EMANUEL JOE SMITH, KT 000068, 11-31-15, $72.89
EMANUEL JOE SMITH, KT 000070, 11-31-15, $117.85
FRED E SMITH & ELEANOR J SMITH-DEC’D LIV TRST, Stevens Add, KT 000769, 24-31-15, $779.61
KEVIN L SNYDER, KT 000452, 15-32-15, $169.23
KEVIN L SNYDER, KT 000446A1, 14-32-15, $3,312.86
KEVIN L & CLARENCE B SNYDER, 14-32-15, $131.13
SPIRITBANK, KT 000476A1, 16-32-15, $638.99
STEVE & TONYA TANNER, Sycamore Village, Lot 1-4, Block 2, KT 000671, 24-31-15, $660.69
STEVE & TONYA TANNER, Sycamore Village, Lot 22-25, Block 2, KT 000692, 24-31-15, $22.98
DANIEL SCOTT & PAULA J TOW, KT 000431A5, 13-32-15, $2,702.29
ANTHONY F & JANICE J VAIL, KT 000299A3, 01-32-15, $702.97
MICHAEL & TAMMY VONKOEHNEN, KT 000553A1, 19-31-16, $2,628.72
TERRY WADE, LISA COLLINGSWORTH, KT 000176, 24-31-15, $140.60
GARY L & KAREN S WINKLEMAN, KT 000451A6, 14-32-15, $1,550.51
LARRY WINT, KT 000227, 28-31-15, $97.59
RONALD D & LORI E WOLDUM, Sycamore Village, Lot 5-13, Block 2, KT 000675, 24-31-15, $79.89
WILLIAM H & ANNIE M WOOD, KT 000409A1, 12-32-15, $588.12
WILLIAM H & ANNIE M WOOD, KT 000410, 12-32-15, $36.48

TERRY R & CAROL ANDERSON, LT 000040, 10-31-16, $1,620.48
TYLER V CLAIBOURN, LT 000046, 11-31-16, $1,331.51
WILLIAM G HOLLAND, LT 000256A1, 14-32-16, $1,574.45
CHRISTOPHER & DEANNA MYERS, LT 000242A1, 12-32-16, $1,674.74

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Montgomery County Delinquent Tax List and Notice (Cities Only)

(Published in the Montgomery County Chronicle on Thursday, Aug. 14, 21 and 28, 2014)


Notice is hereby given that so much of each tract of land or town lot described in the following list located in Montgomery County, Kansas, as may be necessary for the purpose, will be on the first Tuesday of September, 2014, for the taxes and charges thereon for the year of 2013 be transferred by the Montgomery County Treasurer at the treasurer’s office at Montgomery County Courthouse in Independence, Kansas, to the tax sale book, pursuant to Kansas Statutes 79-2302 and 79-2303. State law requires a publication fee of $16.00 be assessed against each of the names listed.
Nancy Clubine , Montgomery County Treasurer
August 14, 2014
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Pvt. Leonard Kittle to be buried with full honors

Full military honors set for Saturday

CANEY — A Caney soldier, whose body lay on an ice-covered mountainside in Alaska for over 60 years, will finally be laid to rest in his hometown on Saturday, June 21.

Pvt. Leonard Kittle, U.S. Army, and 51 other military personnel, died when their C-124 Globemaster airplane crashed into a mountain north of Anchorage on Nov. 22, 1952. Although the site was found within days, there were no survivors and the wreckage immediately became covered with snow and ice.

It was melting glacier ice that eventually caused the wreckage to be found by the Alaska National Guard in 2012. That discovery brought back a painful day in history for family members who never knew exactly happened to their Army and Air Force brothers, fathers, husbands or uncles.
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Caney Valley, Indy, Field Kindley track athletes post strong showing at state

In a rewarding weekend at the Kansas State High School Activities Association’s state track and field championships in Wichita, Montgomery County track athletes brought home medals and several state titles.

Here is a brief rundown of the medalists from Montgomery County high schools. Complete details will be printed in the June 5th issue of the Montgomery County Chronicle.

• The Caney Valley High School boys’ track team had its best-ever performance at a state meet, securing 49 team points to finish in fourth place in the class 3A division.

• Two Caney Valley boys took the top two medals in the discus and shot put events. Kenny Brown won the state title in the shot put (56 feet, 3.5 inches) while Levi Wyrick was the silver medalist at 54 feet, 6 inches.

Wyrick would win the discus throw (172 feet, 5 inches) while Brown would be less than two feet behind (170 feet, 7 inches) to claim second place overall. Wyrick’s gold medal marks the second one he has earned in the discus event in his high school career.

• Nic Camper, a Caney Valley senior, moved into the status of legend when he won his third state championship in the boys’ high jump. Camper won the event with a mark of 6 feet, 6 inches — the same height he attained at the state championships in 2012 and 2013.

• Camper also placed in the triple jump with a distance of 42 feet, 8 1/4 inches.

• The Field Kindley High School girls’ track team placed third in the class 4A division with 42 team points. Meanwhile, Independence girls were a few paces behind with 32 team points — good enough for fifth place overall.

• The Field Kindley High School boys’ track team placed fourth in the class 4A division with 33 team points.

• The girls’ 4×100 meter relay teams at Field Kindley and Independence have been rivals throughout the season. However, Independence got the faster step when it finished the 4×100 meter relay in second place at 50.01 seconds (trailing Kansas City-Piper, which finished with 49.70 seconds). Just a mere half step behind Independence was Field Kindley, which finished in third place. IHS team members are Tyra Welch, Shalei Matthews, Shania Vannoster and Kalei Vannoster. FKHS relay team members are Randee Johnson, Andrea Newton, Amunique Downing, and Devin Cosper.

• The Independence girls’ 4×400 meter relay team placed second overall with a time of 4:04.24.

• Independence’s Shalei Matthews, a junior, placed third in the class 4A girls’ triple jump (36 feet, 2 3/4 inches).

• Field Kindley’s Andrea Newton, a sophomore, won first place in the class 4A 200 meter run with a gold-medal time of 25.16 seconds. In that same race, Independence’s Kalie Matthews, a junior, placed fourth (26.30 seconds).

• Newton also won second place in the class 4A girls’ long jump (16 feet, 4 inches).

• Devin Cosper, Field Kindley senior, won first place in the class 4A girls’ 100 meter run with a time of 12.34 seconds. Andrea Newton placed second in 12.41 seconds.

• Also in the class 4A girls’ 100 meter run, Kalei Matthews of Independence placed seventh (12.78 seconds).

• Independence sophomore Danielle Berry won eighth place in the class 4A girls’ javelin with a throw of 117 feet, 10 inches.

• Elijah Jones, a Field Kindley senior, settled for fourth place in the class 4A 200 meter run (22.47 seconds). He also placed sixth in the 400 meter run (51.41 seconds).

• Justus Towery, a Field Kindley senior, placed fourth in the class 4A boys’ 300 meter hurdles (40.48 seconds).

• Field Kindley’s James Newton, a senior, placed fifth in the class 4A boys’ 100 meter run (11.28 seconds).

• Field Kindley’s Destin Downing, a junior, placed second in the class 4A boys’ long jump (21 feet, 8 3/4 inches) and also was a silver medalist in the triple jump (44 feet, 8 inches).

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