Contractor inadvertently severs Coffeyville school’s power line

COFFEYVILLE — A contractor on Monday inadvertently struck a power line serving Roosevelt Middle School, causing smoke to fill the middle school building.


No injuries were reported, and all RMS teachers and staff were led out of the building to Ise Athletic Field while members of the Coffeyville Fire Department cleared the building of smoke.


Bob Roesky, fire captain, said a contractor with Cox Communication was boring a hole to install fiber optic cable when he hit the power line. That caused the power to go out in the building and the smoke to billow from the hole.


Most of the students were at lunch at the time of the incident.


Because of the damage to the power line, RMS classes were canceled on Tuesday. Students were expected to return to their regular class schedule on Wednesday; however, middle school classes are scheduled to be moved to Field Kindley High School.

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