Former Caney woman killed, young son injured in stabbing attack

According to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department, Shawn Kavanaugh, age 23, went to Vandiver’s home in Jonesburg just before 8 p.m., Friday where Kavanaugh confronted his estranged wife, who was a guest in the Vandiver home. Kavanaugh was asked to leave the home but then preceded to stab his estranged wife, Vandiver and another female who also was a guest in the home. Vandiver’s 8-year-old son was also a target of the stabbing after he attempted to fend off Kavanaugh from his victims, neighbors said.


Vandiver’s 8-year-old son as well as Kavanaugh’s estranged wife survived the stabbing melee but remain in critical condition at a hospital in the St. Louis hospital.¬† Vandiver and the other female guest in the home died at the scene. The names of the estranged wife as well as the third guest in the Vandiver home were not revealed in a press release by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department.


Vandiver’s 18-month-old daughter was also at the home but was unharmed.


Kavanaugh was arrested after calling 911 and admitting to the stabbings. He has been charged with two counts of first degree murder, one count of first degree assault, one count of  first degree domestic assault, four counts of armed criminal action, and one count of first degree burglary.


Vandiver is survived locally by her mother and step-father, Susan and Larry Crowe, as well as a multitude of extended family members.

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