Alert church volunteers create heightened security at Tyro Christian Church


Incident at Tyro church results in locking doors and calling sheriff

TYRO — Leaders of the Tyro Christian Church report that a security incident last Sunday (Dec. 15) was handled efficiently and safely.

David Bycroft, minister, said rumors were floating around that the church had a bomb threat during church services, and that a gun was involved.

“Neither of these is true,” said Bycroft.

Bycroft said a young man came inside the front door of the church during the second worship service on Sunday, and shared some information with one of the check-in people.

The man then left the building and was not seen again.

That episode triggered some concern, and all doors to the building were immediately locked.

“An off-duty policeman who was in the church service was enlisted to oversee the hallway,” Bycroft said. “The county sheriff was called and they sent out two deputies as well.”

The Tyro Christian Church’s own security team kept watch over the children’s areas and the outside doors.

Bycroft said the church will remain at a heightened security level for the next few weeks.

“There was no threat made toward Tyro Christian Church or any individual,” Bycroft said.

“We praise God that there was no actual incident that would cause any harm.”


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