Press statement from Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department . . .

Montgomery County Sheriff Robert Dierks announced today that information circulating regarding a white male and a 19-year-old girl traveling the area allegedly collecting information about children is being investigated by sheriff’s department and that earlier information released by authorities has not been verified at this time.

Dierks state that the information was originally provided to the sheriff’s department from an online source.

Dierks said information obtained earlier Monday indicated that a white male and 19-year-old girl were traveling the area, going house to house asking for information about children residents and that they were possibly involved in the sex trafficking of children. Dierks stated that the origin of this information has not been able to be verified by law enforcement at this time.

The sheriff did say that there is information about people doing door to door solicitations for the sale of books and magazine subscriptions and that some information regarding this activity may have been confused with the sex trafficking story.

Dierks said a deputy had made contact with a subject in the Elk City area who recently was selling books and had a valid permit from the county to operate. Dierks urged any resident who has contact with someone going door to door to not jump to conclusions about their purpose, and to contact local law enforcement so that people can be checked out and verified.

“Please, let’s not panic and let’s not jump to any conclusions,” he said. “We are working hard to investigate the claims from the earlier information and to verify the source of that information. Anyone with concerns about people in their neighborhood or going door to door should contact us. We are more than happy to send officers out to check out these folks. It’s what we do.”

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