Final results from USD 447 Board of Education primary election

Results from the USD 447 Board of Education are now final.  The top six vote recipients in the primary election will advance to the April 2 general election.  Those top vote recipients were Robert John, Gina Booe, Roy Griffin, John Potthast, Mark Torkelson and Michael Griffin.

Other candidates in the race (but not among the top six) were Tamara Kessler, Jeffrey Allison, Gina Hester, David Wallis, Matthew Moore and Troy Snider.


Here are the results of that board of education primary election:


• Robert John: 156


• Gina Booe: 125


• Roy Griffin: 95


• John R. Potthast: 93


• Mark Torkelson: 86


• Michael Griffin: 79


Tamara Kessler: 54


Jeffrey Allison: 52


Gina Hester: 41


Troy Snider: 33


David Wallis: 31


Matthew Moore: 23

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