Coffeyville native to enter film at Sundance Film Festival



A Coffeyville native will be taking his recently released film to the prestigious Sundance Film Festival next week in Park City, Utah.


Spencer Gillis, a Field Kindley High School graduate now living in New Jersey, will debut his 17-minute short film “Gun”  at the festival in hopes of being declared the overall winner, which the coveted “Grand Jury Prize” will hang on the film as a must-see for cinema watchers.


“Gun” is one of 18 films entered in the short film competition.

“The prestige is what you get for winning; the honor of being selected by your industry peers as an important and well-crafted film,” said Spencer. “That kind of recognition would open many doors for future directing opportunities.”


Gillis said he considered it an honor to just have his film make it to the Sundance Film Festival roster. After all, a record number 8,102 submissions were considered for this year’s festival; only 65 total films were chosen for review.


However, “Gun” is expected to gain considerable attention because of its theme, which appears to have been ripped from today’s headlines. The movie follows one man’s gradual obsession with handling a firearm after he is forced to purchase a gun after his home and family fall victim to a home invasion. Over time, the main character, a suburban husband and father named Roy, becomes so engrossed with the thought of using the gun that the obsession drives a wedge between himself and his wife, family and neighbors. The movie explores Roy’s personal tumult, its effects on family and friends, and the ever-persistent question of whether to pull the trigger on something or someone who may appear to cause harm.


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