Man arrested for vehicle burglary and theft at county auction

INDEPENDENCE — Someone forgot to send a Oklahoma man the following memo: it’s best to not pull a fast one over law enforcement, especially when the crime takes place at an event sponsored by law enforcement.


But, that’s what allegedly happened on Saturday when Ronald Lee Tiry, age 53, of Skiatook, Okla., was arrested for vehicle burglary and theft charges after stealing items from an auction sponsored by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and Coffeyville police and electrical service departments.

Sheriff Robert Dierks said Tiry was arrested when several alert customers at the auction noticed Tiry was rummaging through vehicles one by one. A Coffeyville Police Department officer who was in attendance at the auction was told of Tiry’s suspicious behavior. When the officer confronted Tiry, the officer found Tiry in possession of the items that had been pilfered from the vehicles that were on the auction block.


The vehicles being sold the auction included surplus cars and trucks belonging to the Coffeyville city departments and county sheriff’s department, plus vehicles and various pieces of equipment that were confiscated in drug raids.


Tiry’s trip to the county jail was a short one. That’s because the surplus vehicle auction was held across the street from the county jail.

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