Fill up your gas tank! It’s time to the “Shoot the U” in Caney

Caney nostalgic buffs and others who like to cruise in the car, are invited to take part in the first official annual Caney Shoot-the-U event to be held Saturday, Sept. 8, starting at 7 p.m


Everyone is invited to come to downtown Caney and “shoot the U” on Fourth Avenue. Several activities will be held during the evening including the reminiscent pastime of cruising downtown Caney, said Shawn Ritter, who is the chief organizer of the event.

“This is something where I don’t intend on making a single penny . . . I simply want to do something to wake up Caney and revive the community,” he said.

Community National Bank will be giving out free hot dogs starting at 6 p.m. in Wark Park and will serve them until the supply is gone.


The Caney Valley Historical Society will be holding its 4th Annual Ice Cream Supper and Downtown Block Party at 6:30 p.m. which was rained out on Aug. 25. Homemade ice cream and cake being served, plus there will be live music. The cost is $5 per adult or $3 for children 12 and under.


The Dave Gilbert Band from Oklahoma will return for its fourth year performance to play old time familiar favorites with some gospel mixed in for all to enjoy. Those attending should bring their own lawn chairs for seating.


Bank of America employees will be handing out free popcorn on Fifth Street, near the bank, going westbound, from 7 to 8 p.m. only.


The Montgomery County Chronicle, 202 W. 4th, is selling “I Shot the U in Caney” t-shirts for $15 each. Uptown Girls, on Hwy. 75, is also selling a different “Shoot the U” t-shirt  on sale for $15 the week of Sept. 3.


Shawn Ritter, Caney, and Shoot-the-U event organizer, is hoping for a huge turnout of current and former Caney residents, as well as friends, who will come and take part in the Sept. 8 event.


“We would like to make this an annual event that grows each year. Come and cruise and chat the way we used to before smart phones! Bring your kids, grandkids, all for fun and good times,” said Ritter.


A trial run of sorts of Shooting the U was held Friday, Aug. 3, with hundreds of drivers and passengers taking in the event which inspired Ritter to pursue the Caney pastime as an annual event.

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