County commission hears call to remove registered offender from payroll



INDEPENDENCE — Lack of background checks for employees who work for Montgomery County has allowed a registered sexual offender to maintain his status as a member of the Montgomery County Rural Fire Department.

County commissioners on Monday learned that the Havana division of the Montgomery County Rural Fire Department has a registered sexual offender on its roster. The registered offender, whose name was not made public, committed a sexual crime after his hiring to the department.


Rural fire coordinator Mark McCleary told commissioners he was not aware of the registered sexual offender until the issue was brought to his attention at a commission meeting last week. Upon further inquiry with the Havana division firefighter, McCleary learned that the firefighter was allowed to remain on the division roster even though the firefighter was convicted of an out-of-state sexual crime in 2010, which was prior to McCleary’s hiring as the rural fire coordinator.


Commissioner Leon Rau said the firefighter should be removed from the division, even though it appears the management of the Havana division was aware of the firefighter’s criminal background.


More details about this story can be found in the June 21 issue of the Montgomery County Chronicle.

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