Montgomery County Sheriff: six arrests made in major burglary ring

Six area people have been have been arrested in an investigation in what Montgomery County Sheriff Robert Dierks described as a “significant burglary ring” since June 2011.


Dierks said the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department has been working for weeks on a series of burglaries and other crimes in the Montgomery County area and that this investigation has so far solved five burglaries and an incident where a house was shot up in rural Montgomery County.

Dierks stated that the investigation has also solved a burglary inside of Independence and one in Thayer, all allegedly by the same group of individuals.


Arrested were Casey Lee Ainesworth, age 18;  Blaine Anthony Hale, age 18; Billy Ray Foster Hamilton, age 19; and Shawn King, age 18, all of Independence. Two juvenile male subjects, also of Independence, were arrested relating to these crimes.


Dierks also indicated that at least four arrests are still expected.  The recommended charges for these individuals will be burglary, theft and criminal damage.


Included in the cases cleared by this investigation were several burglaries at the Jump Start South convenience store near the Independence Community College campus as well as the convenience store in Thayer and several residential burglaries.


“My officers have put in many hours and a lot of work on this investigation and I’m really proud of what they have accomplished,” said Dierks. “We have been working with Neosho County and the Independence Police Department for the cases within their jurisdiction and we are extremely pleased that this group has been shut down and will be held accountable for their crime spree.”


These burglaries have spanned from June 2011 until a few weeks ago, he said.

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