Comedy murder mystery to come to FKHS stage

COFFEYVILLE — A comedic whodunit will come to the Field Kindley High School stage this week.


FKHS students will present “A Family Reunion To Die For” on March 8-10. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with the showing starting at 7 p.m., each night. Tickets are $5 for adults and $4 for students.

Tammy Beckwith, theatre producer, said the comedy/murder mystery focuses on the Knotting family reunion, where newlywed Christine Franklin eagerly shows off her new husband, Freddie, to a family she has not seen in years. The reunion takes a quick sour note when aunt Gretchen, cousin Rachel and cousin Stefan are all murdered. As members of the Knotting family begin dropping like flies, a terrible storm has trapped all of the guests indoors. Freddie, the new husband, is summoned to find the murderer and save his blushing bride.


Gretchen, Rachel and Stefan return from the dead, and with the audience’s help, teach Freddie what it takes to be a real detective.  Complete with a hilarious chase scene, a chance for several of the characters to interact with the audience and a few surprising plot twists, this murder mystery/comedy is the perfect play for the whole family, said Beckwith.


The cast of characters includes Chelsie Burroughs as Molly, Dayza Chapman as Gretchen Wilcox, Dakota Coppinger as Mickey, Mayo Davison as Lola Matthew, Hannah Emberton as Suzanne Livingston, Kalei Emerson as Rhonda Mae Michaels, Hernan Ensaldo as Stefan Livingston, Logan Hamm as Neil Camp, Melody Harrell as Christine Franklin, Isabelle Judd as Jo Ella March, Aaron Morris as Basil Googleheimer, Shiann Palmer as Costumed Ghost, Ricky Pugh as Robert Shanklin, Matthew Roesky as Freddie Franklin, Taylor Stringer as Carla Jo Michaels, Heidi Santorella as Rachel Shanklin and Aubri Zogg as Connie Carlson.

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